pimples on lip

The Real Causes of Pimples on Lips

Lips are the most sensitive part of our face. They have the most delicate skin and a very little injury can damage your lips. They also give beauty to your face. The divine looking lips are truly the blessing. But lips are also prone to many diseases. If proper care is not taken then they can get affected by many diseases.  There are many diseases of the lips which can create even burning sensation in the lips too. Pimples and bump on lip can be itchy at times. Read more about bump on lip explained by Digital Cure. The pain in the lips can be either of the mild stage or extreme stage. In this article, we will look at one of the most common diseases of the lips that is a pimple on the lip.

pimples on lip

Pimples on lips:

The pimples on the lips can be extremely painful as well as ugly. Since lips are the most integral part of your body and you have to eat from there. Hence, you feel real difficulty in eating food from there. You have to move them every time you put some food or water in your mouth. Hence, treating the pimples on lips is necessary and it must be done as soon as possible.


Some people confuse the pimples on lips with a slightly raised part on the side of the lips. Don’t confuse it with them. Those raised parts are not the pimples. They are the glands of our body. And they are an eternal part of your lips. They are even more extruded in some people and are more noticeable as compared to others. So don’t confuse them with the lips.

Causes of Pimples on Lips

A pimple on the lip is same like acne. It is just a small.  These are basically the blisters that appear on the lips and they are caused by different reasons. Let’s have a look at the reasons:

1: Cheap quality lipstick:

It is caused by using cheap quality lipsticks or lip glosses. This is the most common cause. The real reason behind this cause is that there are cheap chemicals in those products and they pass the skin of the lips and create bacterial infection there. So don’t use cheap quality lipsticks and lip glosses. And always use high-quality products in your makeup.

2: Allergic reactions:

Always figure out your allergies if you have any. Maybe you are suffering from the allergy of any specific chemical ingredient which can cause serious harm. Even in these high-quality lip products, there are certain ingredients which can cause allergies to you. The allergic reactions caused by these ingredients can cause pimples or blisters on your lips. So figure them out and don’t use them again.

3: Different changes in your body:

There are different changes triggered in your body due to the processes going on. Especially, during the processes like puberty, menstruation, and pregnancy there are some certain changes going in your body. Different chemicals are released in these processes and they can cause blisters or pimples on the lips. There are different treatments for such pimples.

Always visit the doctor for the medical treatment, avoid taking medicine without the consent of the doctor.

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