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Amazing fashion tips to make life easier

In this article, we will tell you amazing fashion tips to make your life easy and wonderful. There are so many fashion hacks which people are not aware of. Read the following tips and make your life amazing.

  1. How to flatter the collar?

Some people find it difficult to press collar perfectly. If hair flat iron is used on the collar, the collar will flatter.

  1. Get rid of runs

Some people get runs on tights. If hairspray is sprayed on them, the issue will be resolved.

  1. Clean Suede pieces

If suede pieces need to be cleaned then scrubbing with tooth brush will clean perfectly.

  1. Stop your jeans to fade away

So many people complain that the color of jeans fades away. Pour 1 cup of distilled vinegar in cold water and put jeans in it. After drying up, the smell will go away, and jeans color will not fade away.

Beach, girl, bikini.

  1. How to get rid of shoes smell?

If your shoes smell bad, put tea bags in your shoes and the smell will go away next morning.

  1. How to get soft vintage shirts?

To get soft vintage shirts at home, pour ½ cup of salt in 1-quart water and keep your t-shirt on it for 3 days. Then put some detergent in in washing machine and put your t-shirt in it. After drying, you will have vintage soft-shirt.

  1. Loosen zipper

If you want to unstick your zipper, strike a soap-bar or candle piece on its teeth.

  1. How to unstick zipper?

If you are thinking to throw away your dress because its zipper is stuck, then don’t do so. Crayon wax or Vaseline, if rubbed on the zipper, will make it smooth again.

  1. Get rid of static cling

Static cling can be removed (in case your dryer is not functioning properly) with the help of hanger made of metal.

  1. Wash silk without damaging it

If you don’t want to damage your silk and wash it at home, then wash it in a warm water and put some baby shampoo (1 tablespoon is enough) in it.

  1. Shedding

To avoid shedding of sweaters, keep it in a sealed box or bag and put the bag in the freezer for a whole night. Shedding will be prevented.

  1. Make your sweaters soft

If your sweaters are itchy and not soft, and you want to soften them then put them in warm water. Rinse after putting hair conditioner (1 cup) in the water.

  1. Remove makeup from clothes

Here is the solution to remove makeup from clothes. You can use makeup remover wipes to remove the makeup.

  1. Clean Silver Jewelry

Did you know that beer can clean the jewelry very well if you rub your jewelry with a piece of cloth (dipped in beer)?

  1. Use ketchup for silver jewelry

You have been using ketchup for fries or other eatables, but it is to inform you that it can also be used to polish silver jewelry. Put your silver jewelry in a paste of ketchup and keep it there for five to ten minutes. After scrubbing it, wash the jewelry with water and see the magic.

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