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6 Best Dry Skin Remedies

You are familiar with the feeling and experience: itchy, tight and irritating skin that develops irrational urges to use excessive body lotions and other beauty creams. Though a number of people face challenges of dryness the whole year, it’s more frequent when the temperature drops. Flakes frequently come together where we have the least oil glands: knees, elbows, hands and feet.

Women, Diamond, Human Hair.

Causes of dry skin

Your Skin and body become hydrated through food and by getting plenty of water from the atmosphere. As soon as the humidity goes down, atmosphere dries up and dry heat spreads, there is not as much of moisture present anymore. In addition to that, as we grow old, glycosaminoglycans and oil alleviate from our skin whose function is to hold water. Only depending on lotion and cream won’t do it.

Remedies for Dry Skin

For finest hydration, try the following tips:

  1. Try Ayurveda
    Ayurvedic medicine theory says that people are all a combination of 3 constitutions, known as Doshas: Kapha (water/ earth), Vata (air /wind) and Pitta (fire). These 3 should be in balance so that body can function well.
  2. Omega-6 decreases dryness
    To have moistened skin, enhance the quantity of natural oil within your body and outer part as well. Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) is a kind of omega-6 (fatty acid) which assists in decreasing dryness of skin. To get best of it with the help of your diet, include a scoop of green Spirulina to a smoothie, have a borage oil or capsule of evening primrose.
  3. Get more humidity
    The most frequent form of internal heat is forced air. It is also highly drying. A humidifier in your room is a perfect solution. If you sleep in moist air, it will be good for hydration.
  4. Use less sugar
    Surplus salty food has the ability to dehydrate skin. But suddenly start using Milk Duds instead of popcorn is not the way out. Keep it in mind; surplus sugar can be harmful. Dry skin is sore that’s why its ability to hold on to moisture is not good. Sugar is the reason for more inflammation. As a result, it harms elastin and collagen of the fibers in skin guiding to extra loss of moisture. To keep your body hydrated, make your sugar intake less than 25 grams daily. That’s a cup of flavored yogurt, a protein bar, or a piece of dark chocolate.
  5. Exfoliate
    Regardless of the number of thick lotions, you try on and they won’t penetrate if the skin contains dead cells. So what is the way out? Scrubbing is a good solution but you need to be gentle. Harsh Exfoliants can be the reason to infuriate your dry skin. Do not use exfoliators having gritty pieces. Find sugar or soft jojoba beads. Aura Cacia Nourishing Body Polish is good for body use and Intelligent Nutrients Refining Micro-Polish is recommended for the face as they contain healthy ingredients and has shown results.
  6. Wash gently
    A frothy wash may be your dry skin’s most horrible enemy. Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is a well known cleansing agent. It is used in shampoos, cleansers, and soaps. It cleans skin’s natural oils and also dirt. Choose an oil-based cleanser or SLS-free formula as an alternative, which works perfectly without sucking your skin’s moisture. Remember Oil break down dirt and other oils then softens skin to clean. It cleans the skin and does not strip your skin, unlike soap.

    Women, Diamond, Human Hair.
    Women, Diamond, Human Hair.

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